A leading home insurance provider engages Apex to help map their transformation journey into an InsureTech Platform.


Our client needed to resolve issues with portfolio management, unsustainable planning, execution of work, and technical constraints. Their goal was to create end-to-end teams focused only on delivery of one product rather than multiple projects. Additionally, our client’s ambitious long-term goals included transforming from a traditional insurance company into a dynamic InsureTech Platform. We were engaged to partner with client stakeholders to deliver a transformation roadmap complete with all associated tools, templates, and customized training programs for the enterprise.​ 


We partnered with executive leadership to facilitate a daylong virtual offsite summit to establish an Executive Action Team (EAT) and a Core Transformation Team responsible for creating and advancing the Enterprise Transformation Journey Map. The primary Minimum Viable Product for the transformation was the creation and mobilization of the Enterprise Product Model. Additionally, we delivered a Transformation Roadmap to guide our client from mobilization to stabilization on their journey to becoming an InsureTech Platform.

Improved Agility and Increased End-to-End Product Visibility

The Roadmap includes:​ 

  • Agile and Lean Guiding Principles  ​
  • Design Thinking ​
  • Modern DevSecOps and Cloud Methodologies ​
  • Mobile-First Digital Delivery



By partnering with the EAT, we reorganized our client’s enterprise, improved agility with cross-functional teams, and increased end-to-end product visibility. The Enterprise Product Model we designed was mobilized across the enterprise, enabling client teams to focus on the right things at the right time, and providing transparency into the delivery process. Additional benefits of our solution include: ​

  • Improved cross team and product communication ​
  • Enhanced organizational, portfolio, and team goal alignment ​
  • Increased feedback loops and continuous improvement practices​