A retailer leverages our scalable Support Centers capabilities with proven workforce management processes to augment their workforce during the busy holiday season. 


During each holiday season, our client’s audio visual and appliance delivery, configuration and installation demand surges throughout the United States. The client required a flexible solution to provide a scalable on demand workforce to flex with their needs with a cost effective solution that allowed for greater program control and addressed the workforce demand for more than 80% of the their national retail sites.  


We provided a world class workforce management solution, including demand planning, resource management, recruiting, onboarding and training, performance management, and retention processes. Initially, our team assessed the challenges and built a Demand Forecast based on demand assumptions, historic volumes, and sales estimates for each site. We then built a “proof of concept pilot program” and tested across three different markets that became the basis for launching the full program. Key elements of our solution included:  

  • A repeatable recruiting strategy and processes to ensure resources were consistent with our client’s brand  
  • Implementing a rating/rewards program to track performance metrics and pay incentive rewards monthly  
  • Developing a SharePoint interface/collaboration environment to enable program communications  

Eliminated 3,000 hours of client management time


Our cost effective solution increased responsiveness to service sales requests and minimized backlogs. Our flexibility to accommodate demand changes due to varying sales numbers, inclement weather, and other unforeseen business impacts facilitated program acceptance. The client hit key metrics, including utilization and fulfillment numbers not previously achieved. Client executives viewed program as a major success. Highlights included:  

  • Managing 730 resources at program peak  
  • Scoring an average performance rating of 4.29 out of 5  
  • Less than 16% attrition  
  • Increasing fulfillments by more than 50% over approach prior to our workforce management  
  • Reducing use of higher cost subcontractors by more than 50%  
  • Eliminating 3,000 hours our client management time had spent on seasonal staffing and repurposed that time for business operations