A federal executive department of the U.S. government engages us to help modernize their legacy platforms. 


Our client required legacy platform modernizations to optimize and scale the current platform into an Amazon Web Services (AWS) production environment. This would provide increased responsiveness and scale for web-farms, backend asynchronous processors, reporting engines and high-volume APIs.​


Our team utilized a DevOps framework to significantly automate the production release and update process, through the use of AWS native services and custom scripting. Key components of our solution focused on deployment, monitoring, compliance, and backup to meet end user SLA requirements. A shared service was utilized to drive adoption, use the data through API and build a robust infrastructure to support both current and future requirements.​

Reduced Spent by 30% and Increased Productivity by 20%


Our client was able to reduce operating and capital expenditures by 30% using our solution, while maintaining 99.95% SLA adherence. Our solution increased productivity over 20%, speeding up system deployments and platform optimization cycles.​


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