Preparing and reconfiguring all biomedical devices and equipment in more than 150 closets.


Our client, a large regional healthcare provider, was conducting a network transformation initiative. Part of this initiative was preparing and reconfiguring all biomedical devices and equipment in more than 150 closets to interact with the new network infrastructure. The client needed a staffing partner to provide a team of four biomedical technicians and one team lead to perform this work.


A recruiter from Apex’s Healthcare IT Delivery Team with a background sourcing and screening candidates with biomedical skills was assigned to this project. Our recruiter began by identifying a quality team lead with experience working with biomedical equipment. We used the team lead’s knowledge of key skillsets to help screen the remaining technicians during interviews.

Apex recognized that finding quality resources within our client’s rate range would be challenging because of the demand for biomedical skillsets and the high cost of living in the market where the resources would be deployed. In order to find the technicians needed, we focused our search on recent college graduates with college degrees that would benefit from gaining hands on experience with biomedical equipment.


Apex provided the five required technical professionals at the rates our client expected. The team provided by Apex successfully worked with the client’s equipment team to prepare and reconfigure the biomedical closets at five hospitals, as well as several non-hospital sites, within the designated timeframe.