A multinational hospitality company leverages Apex's staffing expertise to implement new mobile application features. 

Our client’s mobile application development team had been impacted by attrition as a result of furloughs during the COVID-19 pandemic, and needed a strategic partner to help rebuild their department. This team was responsible for developing and maintaining a mobile application that allows customers to book online, use their phones for keyless room entry, and customize their hotel experience. As travel began to resume and demand for hotel rooms grew, they needed to rapidly scale their team of software developers and testers to add new features, notifications, and alerts to their mobile application. The client was struggling to identify qualified resources with experience migrating from Java to Kotlin within their budget, and selected us to help because of our history providing them highly skilled developers quickly and at competitive rates.  

We augmented our client’s team by providing highly skilled and meticulously screened application developers as well as Internet of Things (IoT) software testers. Because the client had previously struggled with attrition and identifying qualified talent, we created customized technical coding assessments for each prospective candidate. The in-depth, proactive screening practices allowed client hiring managers to shorten their traditional interview process and rapidly scale their teams with best-fit resources. On assignment, consultant responsibilities included: 

Cut costs by 60% on average

  • Implementing and maintaining web services, microservices, and web applications 
  • Developing concise code that is stable, extensible, and unit-tested appropriately for iOS and Android systems  
  • Building an IoT connected suite for connected device experiences in hotel rooms

We successfully filled half of the mobile development and all testing openings on our client’s team with highly skilled and thoroughly screened application development resources within four weeks. Our team identified resources at a significantly lower rate than our competitors, reducing rates by 60% per hour, on average. The consultants we provided continue to support this work and as a result of our success with this team, we continue to provide highly skilled resources for this client’s technical initiatives.   ​