A leading car manufacturer seeks Apex to be an exclusive provider of mobile development resources while facing budgeting and timeline challenges.  


Apex’s client, a prominent company in the automotive industry, was opening up an Information Technology (IT) division in one of our large markets. The company had plans to hire approximately 30 permanent IT resources from the end of 2016 through 2017 to build mobile applications for their Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives. These mobile apps link cars to owners’ phones and push information to help the user make decisions about driving. Some of the skillsets the company needed to hire were as follows: ​ 

  • Program and Project Managers​ 
  • Machine Learning Researchers​ 
  • Engineering Managers​ 
  • iOS Developers​ 
  • Web Developers​ 
  • Back-End Engineers​ 
  • Systems Engineers​ 

At that time, the client did not have an efficient hiring process; therefore they needed a staffing partner to help streamline their process to hire well-qualified resources.​ 

28 Contractors Hired in First Six Months of Partnership​ 


Apex proposed a solution to the client that included making Apex the exclusive IT staffing provider and allowing us access to their internal talent management system to alleviate their employees’ time commitment during the selection process. We also proposed a discounted fee in return for exclusivity. Our local Managing Director, Account Manager and Application Development Recruiter along with our Microsoft Practice Director presented this solution to the client along with information on our unique recruiting process, deep candidate pipeline in the local market and experience in building teams of mobile application resources through our skill practice group.  


The client selected Apex to be their exclusive IT resource provider because of the way our solution met their needs, our expertise in placing mobile application resources and because they trusted us to deliver the high caliber resources needed to make this a successful project. ​ 

Apex began working with the client at the end of their budget year so initial requests for hiring was slower than expected and the client did not get all the headcount originally in scope approved for 2017. To help overcome these budgeting challenges and keep the projects on track, Apex showed the client the value in hiring contract resources instead of all permanent resources. In the first six months of the partnership, Apex hired 14 resources, eight direct hires and six contractors. The client has been satisfied with the speed of candidate submittals as well as the candidate quality. Apex is still the sole provider for all IT resource hiring in this market and has also been awarded a consulting project to build a mobile application for the client.​