A global automotive conglomerate implements a strategy to sustain headcount goals and overcome challenges in a volatile labor market.


Our client is a leading provider of digital marketing, wholesale and e-commerce solutions for the automotive industry. They were facing challenges in hiring quickly enough to sustain headcount goals and meet growth targets due to the volatility of the labor market and the consistent lack of qualified candidates in key areas. Our client needed to find a solution to respond to the challenges of a volatile and saturated labor market while achieving their headcount goals. They started a “Total Talent Strategy” program, engaging five suppliers to support a large-scale hiring effort for both full-time and contract-to-hire needs. 

Rated a top partner after achieving 100% fill ratio for assigned roles


Apex partnered with our client's Product & Engineering leadership/management, Supply Chain, Engineering Operations, Talent Acquisition and the Managed Service Provider to support the Total Talent Strategy program. We helped the client’s supply chain and engineering operations teams craft the model for engaging vendors through the Total Talent Strategy, distributing reqs, and connecting vendors with hiring leaders. Apex provided recruiting services as well, focusing on a variety of skill areas including data & analytics, QA/SDET, software engineering, and UX. We set ourselves apart from the other vendors engaged by the client with our strong knowledge of the market, proven strategies for hiring, and our recruiting capabilities which utilized delivery engineers and a variety of skills assessments. Apex met monthly with our client's stakeholders to discuss strategy and provide guidance/suggestions based on our expertise and knowledge of the industry. 


Apex's partnership with the Total Talent Strategy program resulted in 66 placements (mix of contract to hire and direct hire) across ten markets. Apex was the top-rated partner compared to other vendors throughout the duration of the program, achieving a 100% fill ratio for the roles we were assigned. Apex's expertise and guidance throughout the program played a key role in helping our client achieve their hiring goals in a challenging labor market. The partnership between Apex and our client resulted in significant cost savings by reducing the number of candidates the client had to interview. Apex's expertise in recruiting and staffing consultation, as well as our focus on in-demand skills, played a crucial role in the success of the program.