Improving employee productivity and responsiveness by modernizing a legacy access request system using Sailpoint IdentityIQ. 


Our client, a leading financial services company, faced challenges with a multitude of bespoke access request processes that impeded fluid business operations. The manual processes and lack of ownership in managing workforce access requests reduced productivity and exposed our client to governance and security risks. Their existing access request system was outdated, relying on manual processes and lacking the scalability and automation needed for a modern enterprise. Users were confronted with a multitude of systems to request access. Identity and Access Management was not owned or operated in one team, division, or platform. Approval processes, workflows, audit standards were inconsistently applied. Our client sought to modernize their access management system to align with industry best practices, improve overall security posture, and retire the existing outdated system. ​

Implemented Automated IAM for Access Requests


After working with various client teams and application owners, we developed and applied a factory onboarding model for request management in IdentityIQ and leveraging fulfillment via ServiceNow. This approach allowed the client to unlock their investment in Sailpoint IdentityIQ with the capabilities needed to automate access management, enhance security, and streamline operational processes. First, we conducted a detailed analysis of the client’s existing infrastructure, business processes, and security requirements. This phase involved collaboration with key stakeholders and product owners to understand specific needs and challenges. We then tailored Sailpoint IdentityIQ to meet the client’s unique requirements. The solution was integrated seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring  minimal disruption to daily operations. We configured Sailpoint IdentityIQ to automate access request workflows. This included implementing approval processes and establishing automated provisioning and de-provisioning of user access. Multi-factor authentication, risk-based authentication, and continuous monitoring were integrated to safeguard against unauthorized access and potential threats. To end the engagement, we supported training sessions for client employees to ensure a smooth transition to the new access request system. This helped foster user adoption and minimized potential disruptions during the implementation phase.  ​


The collaboration between Apex Systems, our client, and Sailpoint IdentityIQ resulted in a successful modernization of the legacy access request system and allowed the client to retire their old system. The automated access request system significantly reduced the time taken to grant or revoke access, leading to improved employee productivity and responsiveness to business needs. The modernized system streamlined access management processes, reducing the burden on IT teams and enhancing overall operational efficiency. The new system provided scalability to accommodate their growing workforce and evolving business requirements. Employees reported a more user-friendly experience, thanks to the intuitive interface and simplified access request workflows. Our client now benefits from improved efficiency, enhanced security, and a scalable solution that aligns with industry best practices. ​