A large ecommerce company utilizes Apex’s Data and Analytics capabilities to improve multi-channel marketing campaigns, resulting in overall improvement to customer targeting.  


Our client, a multi-national ecommerce company wanted to enhance their customer segmentation and data collection in order to improve campaign targeting. Specifically, our client wanted to leverage their existing Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence tools to optimize marketing efforts. They required a service partner to provide analysis and development support in segmenting customers in order to design and build functionality for multi-channel marketing campaigns. 


The engagement team worked with client stakeholders to scope specific milestones around annual, holiday, multi-wave and daily marketing campaigns in conjunction with Business Unit needs. Our consultants developed custom SQL queries to separate customer data to develop target audiences. Other components included: 

  • Building strategy around campaign performance enhancement 
  • Assessing incremental campaign results 
  • Segmenting data to build custom holiday campaigns 
  • Creating end-to-end workflow documentation  
  • Assisting with user acceptance testing 


Refinements Through Continuous Improvement 


The approach successfully developed custom campaigns across various business units. The team leveraged data to create campaign logic that has been repeated, enhanced and continuously refined for targeting customers. The team was able to successfully meet all milestones on time and on budget throughout the project. The segmentation has helped drive improvement in overall customer targeting. 


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