Multinational oil and gas company implements a digital solution to consolidate biofuels relevant data into a single platform for commercial and compliance activities.


Given increased demand for lower carbon fuel sources such as ethanol and biodiesel and greater regulatory scrutiny, our client’s trading and shipping biofuels division required a digital solution that would consolidate all biofuels relevant data into a single platform for commercial and compliance activities.

Increased legislation in Europe for carbon reduction targets requires energy companies to ensure their products are backed by data that provides proof of sustainability. Our client struggled with manual processes for carbon compliance reporting, centralized carbon credit storage, and automated proof of sustainability handling for low-carbon products within their midstream oil and gas division. 

Consolidated data into a single platform to meet ESG compliance


Apex was engaged to deliver a solution that included a Data Lake, a responsive web app, and a rule engine to collect data and mark it for compliance. The target architecture addressed both OLAP and OLTP transactions. The solution we delivered set the basis for end-to-end management of Bio Coprocessing from bio feedstock tracking and production batch assignment to C14 biogenic carbon content certification. Apex delivered an agile cross-functional team of ten consultants in the U.S. and four consultants in the U.K. building the platform and data lake foundations in the co-processing, Proof of Sustainability, and Forecasting modules. To solve the problem of manual workload processes, the team extracted the data from IVP files and projected these values in the form of graphs and tables.  We delivered functionality that allowed the user to edit values, publish data, and view the adjustments (variance) in real-time as the user changes the values.


The project was able to streamline carbon compliance for biofuels volume forecasting replacing the legacy manual processes in Excel.  The solution automatically ingests data from several sources and combines data sets to show the user everything on a single page. The outcome was a reduction in manual workload for all stakeholders including internal employees as well external customers such as regulators, auditors, business partners, and net zero customers. By delivering this solution, we were able to provide customers with highly accurate data and improvements in decision-making for climate-related reporting and compliance.