A multinational Fortune 500 oil and gas company upgrades its global network to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud solutions.


Our client needed to update their network to keep up with the increasing amount of data and cloud solutions generated by IoT sensors and connected operations in oil and gas facilities. This update would cover all global assets and facilities, including refineries and offshore platforms, to improve situational awareness and provide data-driven insights by combining IT and OT asset data. The network modernization was a key part of our client's strategy to digitize asset management workflows and fully utilize remote devices and robotics, leading to operational excellence through IoT and cloud solutions. The Process Control Network (PCN) team was very skeptical about the Network Transformation activities, particularly sharing sensitive process control information. Moving forward without this team would increase risk of critical applications failing after the migration, with an impact that could result in the loss of millions of dollars. The client engaged Apex to provide a team to identify, document and create repeatable processes for PCN Engagement Activities to allay the PCN team’s concerns.

Established consistent engagement strategies by identifying and building repeatable processes 


Apex worked with the PCN team to establish organizational trust. Meetings were held with the PCN SPA, US Complex Site Owners, Global Network Team and various critical stakeholders to examine the questions, deliverables and responsibilities. We created documentation and had it vetted and accepted by the PCN Complex Sites teams, Network Engineers and other team members. This documentation included actions, deliverables, and responsibilities (RACI) which were adopted globally for efficiency within the client’s program. Apex also deployed network engineering consultants to enhance technical capacity and bandwidth. We provided oversight, program management, and managed key deliverables.


Apex ensured overall success with the client’s network-critical PCN transformation activities.  Apex was able to save the client time and money by reducing organizational escalations and eliminating the potential of having the PCN applications inoperative after migration. With appropriate oversight, Apex was able to mitigate serious risk to the client’s operations.  Our leadership and involvement was correlated with the success of the client’s program overall.