A multinational conglomerate employs our Project Management capabilities to rapidly eliminate a backlog of incomplete IT initiatives.  


Due to difficulty in securing funding, our client had developed a significant backlog of incomplete and uninitiated IT projects. Once funding was obtained, they were pressured to start eliminating this backlog quickly, which required a number of resources with accelerated productivity. Given the circumstances, selecting, onboarding and training new resources was going to place a heavy burden on client resources, further inhibiting project manager utilization and productivity.  

Our client desired a solution to maintain an agile PM workforce with the ability to scale up and down based on project demand. Specific client objectives included:  

  • Get to value faster – deploy resources that are able to come up to speed quickly  
  • Create a sustainable and repeatable process for the identification, onboarding and allocation of new resources  
  • Track measurable data around program health, project success and visibility into project delivery  
  • Provide resource management that will enable their leadership to reallocate their time while driving continuous performance improvement  


We provided a wave based approach that delivered quality PM consultants in manageable volumes, and we created sustainable onboarding and training processes to reduce the time to reach full utilization. Quality and productivity improvements were achieved through robust performance management, metric measurements and trend monitoring, often resulting in continuous improvement steps, including root case analysis and remediation. Each wave included four Project Managers, one Technical Project Manager and Project Coordinators. Our team worked with the client to create a repeatable training and onboarding ‘bootcamp’ and we provided tools and reporting to monitor progress, including:  

  • Status Reporting Compliance  
  • Project Financials  
  • Schedule Adherence  
  • Utilization  
  • Resource Onboarding  
  • Performance Coaching 

PMO portfolio expansion of $79.5M 


The “boot camp” accelerated the PM onboarding and orientation to less than one week, resulting in the Project Management consultants achieving productivity targets 3 weeks faster than previously. Our processes and operations enabled the client to initiate and manage over 100 additional projects, with a value of up to $79.5M, that would have otherwise been delayed at least 3 months.