A Fortune 500 Med Device company seeks Apex exclusively to hire manufacturing resources within a tight timeframe.  


Our client, a Fortune 500 medical device and healthcare company, needed to hire six process development engineers to support the processing and manufacturing of heart defect products. The resources needed to have laser, Nitinol and medical device manufacturing experience. The client was looking for an exclusive partner who could provide quality candidates and onboarding support to meet their tight hiring timeline of two months, which included the busy holiday season. Apex was chosen as a supplier because of our past performance delivering on speed, quality and back office support.  ​ 


Apex submitted 13 candidates to interview for the six openings. We proactively screened each candidate prior to submittal by conducting a preliminary phone interview, in-person internal interview and reference checks to ensure skills competency and culture fit. Because hiring and onboarding timelines were critical to the project’s success, Apex set and enforced timelines for the interview, hiring and onboarding processes. ​ 

All Roles Filled Within Timeline and Budget​ 


We filled all six roles within our client’s tight timeline and budget, allowing them to move forward with their medical device development project. The engineers we provided were successful in their assignments, and two converted to full-time employees after the project’s completion. Because of our success with this project, our client continues to rely on Apex to help support their engineering needs. ​