A multi-national provider to the energy industry utilizes Apex’s Project Management capabilities to build an enterprise-wide technology platform that implements a sustainable program governance framework.  


Our client was building an enterprise-level foundational technology platform to provide re-usability and sharing of common tools, data, and objects across 15 disparate software development groups as well as their internal IT department. A critical success factor for the overall program was program governance. The scope of this project involved defining and implementing a workable and sustainable program governance framework that included specific key program-level operational processes.  


Our Consulting Services engagement team identified key areas to be addressed and the needs of various disparate business units. After analyzing the gathered requirements and reviewing the existing program governance structure, we designed the future state governance framework. Thereafter, we socialized this governance framework with key stakeholders and constituents, thus enabling us to refine it until overall organizational buy-in was obtained.  

Key deliverables included: 

  • Establishing and implementing an overall governance framework that defined all governance roles and responsibilities  
  • Establishing and implementing governance council and subcommittee operating models 
  • Setting and facilitating the operating process and workflow definitions for program intake management, enterprise-level standards, program offerings portfolio management and business measurement 

Widespread Adoption of Governance


The Governance Framework was widely accepted across disparate operating and functional units. The supporting governance and operating processes received broad acceptance and adoption, bridging several previously competing interests. Project deliverables were of superior quality, practical, and actionable. This project was completed on time and 15% under budget.