A financial services company utilizes our QA and Testing capabilities to execute all mobile and web-based application testing during a major data center migration.  


Our client engaged us to be their consulting partner to lead various ecommerce, and mobile device projects within their Agile development environment in support of the core data center migration initiative. We deployed a team of consultants to work in partnership with our client’s technical project managers to develop, manage and execute end-to-end project work plans across all technology groups. This included testing consultants to fulfill end-to-end mobile and manual/web-based application testing. Overall project objectives included: 

  • Full functionality migration to new core data center 
  • Consistent UX/UI design framework 
  • A platform for future testing design and enhancements 
  • Process improvement for maintenance and upgrades 
  • Faster changes turnaround with lower costs 

Created all test plans, scripts and metrics 


Our consulting team partnered with our client’s Business and Technology organizations to deliver end-to-end testing solutions. Project deliverables included: 

  • Test plans 
  • Test scripts 
  • Test metrics 
  • Tracking of test date creation, test execution and regression testing 
  • Defect identification and reporting 
  • Status and activity reports indicating project progress, timelines, budget issue resolution and adherence to project requirements 


This engagement was completed on time and within budget while achieving overall program objectives. 


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