A clinical research company seeks Apex to provide full ownership of recruitment processes over a five year period.  


Our client was in need of a flexible full service provider solution to manage 26 Clinical Trial Associates (CTAs) over five years in effort to keep their focus on select products and projects.​ 


Apex provided a fully outsourced process to manage the department separately.​ 

This solution provided overall training, coaching, and support on every day work including:​ 

  • Review of client procedures, processes, and systems to deliver clinical trials​ 
  • Regular evaluations and coaches by trained CTAs and CRAs​ 
  • Quarterly face to face meetings with the client to review status of CTAs of key performance indicators (KPIs)​ 

Improved Business Metrics with 26 Clinical Trial Associates 


Apex has managed the project since 2009 and currently manages all 26 Clinical Trial Associates. Through our partnership we have improved business metrics and strategic goals within department-wide.​