A financial services client improves the overall technical competency of their workforce by leveraging our Recruitment Process Outsourcing model.  


Our client, a large financial services company, was looking to improve their existing workforce by hiring more technically savvy resources. The client’s goal was to onboard 40 full-time application development resources within 3-6 months across their OCIO, Wealth Management, and Treasury lines of business. The client also needed these resources to sit in NYC/NJ and Pittsburgh.  


Our team provided a dedicated support team for our client to have at their disposal which included:  

  • Technical SME’s  
  • Local account managers  
  • Local technical recruiters  
  • A relationship manager 
  • A direct line to our senior leadership  

Our team did an initial deep dive with the client’s technical stakeholders and discovered a major pain point to be the lack of initial technical screening of resources. To remedy this, we leveraged our practice directors, technical screeners, and our Talent University to give the client a pipeline of pre-screened resources to choose from. Another challenge we uncovered was the lengthy, multistep interview process which caused delays and affected the overall candidate experience. Our team proposed scheduled interview days to improve and streamline the hiring process.  

Project completed 15% under budget


Our custom technical screening and talent identification improved the overall quality of resources delivered to the client. To date, the client has hired 21 of our full-time resources and the project is still ongoing. The client has opened up other full-time hiring needs that we didn’t have access to support previously. The client has praised our:  

  • Quality of our technical resources, including our ability to identify diverse candidates  
  • Open lines of communication  
  • Response rate  
  • Sense of urgency  
  • The client has come to see our company as an extension of their hiring team