A multi-national healthcare company automates their fee scheduling process using our Automation capabilities.


Our client needed to automate their current process for maintaining fee schedules in their pricing system. The existing process was a manual effort that required an employee visit government websites, gain access to an Excel file, and then compare and cross reference with the current pricing system to update any discrepancies. Additionally, fee schedules have an irregular pattern of being updated and there is no notification processes for when changes are made. To improve this process, the client selected us as a strategic partner to help automate the process with the goal of completing the initial phases of the project in a condensed timeline of 90 days.

$300K in Annual Cost Savings as a Result of Eliminating Manual Process and Potential Errors


To meet the client’s 90-day timeline, we deployed a team of 11 resources based in our nearshore Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) to automate the fee schedule system reconciliation process. They developed a set of robots running a mixture of specific and generic workflows utilizing Pega Robotics and UiPath as the preferred robotic process automation (RPA) tools. Our team utilized robots for each of the fee schedule reviews and configurations and one for source change monitoring to deliver a scalable solution. Critical considerations included: ​

  • Isolating business rules to facilitate maintenance as data source changes occur​
  • Creating shared functionality that will be handled by generic robots​
  • Ensuring that update files are properly created to reduce the risk import errors​
  • Strict adherence to the Fee Schedule Naming Convention​
  • Focusing on reusability of workflows​
  • Using UiPath workflow arguments to produce the desired outcome​


Our team built dozens of bots that monitor and listen for updated fee schedules from content management systems (CMS) and then ingest that data for use in internal client systems. The RPA solution has resulted in cost savings of around $300,000 annually for our client, and the automated process has eliminated any possibility of transcription errors. The bots are constantly running and instantly perform the automated ingestion and upload without any human intervention, allowing client staff who were previously checking for state-by-state fee schedule updates to focus on more strategic activities. ​