A major secondary mortgage company engages Apex to enhance and mature their Salesforce implementation. 


Our client needed a partner to help enhance their recent Salesforce implementation, with an emphasis on long term retention for our client’s teams. They needed strong technical resources with extensive Salesforce experience to mature their customer relationship management (CRM) and streamline processes in order to service clients more effectively. We were chosen to help enhance our client’s Salesforce platform because of our ability to deploy specialized experienced Salesforce resources. 

Our teams partnered with the client to identify and deliver best fit consultants, enabling their multi-departmental implementation to succeed


We provided a team of 20 consultants including scrum masters, Salesforce analysts, and Salesforce developers. Throughout the delivery effort, our teams partnered with the client to identify the best fit consultants and provide ongoing engagement management, including: 

  • Retention Management
  • Demand Planning
  • Financial Planning and Organization 
  • Workforce Management



We provided resource flexibility, including providing contract-to-hire and long-term contract resources with relevant Salesforce knowledge and experience to meet our client’s requirements for their multi-departmental implementation. Our ongoing engagement and workforce management processes facilitated a team culture that resulted in minimal attrition across a large multi-disciplinary project team, allowing our client to effectively mature their Salesforce CRM implementation and more efficiently serve their customers. 

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