A prominent US-based life insurance holding company scales its IT teams to realize its digital transformation roadmap. 


Our client needed a strategic partner for their initiative to modernize their enterprise and help with their digital transformation roadmap. They wanted to implement, enhance, and streamline the use of Salesforce across all lines of business to maximize efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. Also, they were looking for guidance on best practices and recommendations on any additional improvements across the initiatives such as automatizing some of their processes in Service Cloud. Because of the relatively unclear nature of the work to be performed, the client needed a partner who could scale up and down with a variety of skillsets as the modernization effort progressed.

Meaningfully Improved Salesforce Instance $1.1 Million Under Budget


We provided a team of 32 consultants, a mix of nearshore and onshore, across multiple business units. Our team worked with the client’s Customer Care Center to improve omnichannel communication by the automation of processes in Service Cloud such as live chat, email threading and auto-response, computer telephony integration, and user authentication. They also worked with the client’s retirement department to automate their applications and forms through salesforce channels.

Our team consisted of Salesforce Admins, Salesforce Developers, Java Developers, Business Analysts, PMs, Scrum Masters, and a QA team. Throughout the delivery effort, our teams partnered with the client to identify the best-fit consultants and provide ongoing engagement management, including: 

  • Demand Planning
  • Cross Initiative Collaboration across multiple initiatives and business units
  • Financial Planning
  • Workforce Management


Our team provided experienced on-demand resources with the flexibility to meet the varied needs of the client's many different business units. Our workforce management model was able to provide the needed scalability, and the right resources at the right time to effect meaningful improvement across their Salesforce cloud. We were able to come in $1.1M under the client's budgeted cost and our performance has resulted in the client leveraging us for long-term support.