A multinational retail corporation ramps up their specialty pharmacy support to meet a surge in demand. 


Our client, the pharmacy department of a large multinational retail corporation, was struggling to hire and support certain skillsets like patient care coordinators and pharmacy technicians. They had a partner supporting this work already, but they were experiencing poor response time from partner contacts, lack of follow-up, low-quality candidates, and even day-one no-show candidates. In anticipation of increased call volume from a recent acquisition, our client reached out to Apex to perform similar improvements that we had already accomplished in another department.

Ramped up to 74 resources to handle a volume surge of thousands of calls per day


Apex recruited a team of 30 consultants initially, taking over the client’s interviewing, onboarding, and go-to-work processes to ensure peak efficiency. The account team ensured there was day-to-day support to create open lines of communication with the client and solve problems as soon as they arose. The account team was also responsible for team building and monthly status updates with the applicable client team in order to improve retention. The team of 30 was expanded to 50, then hit a peak of 74 as call volume spiked beyond the client’s initial projections.


We built out and supported a team of pharmacy support professionals to meet the client’s needs with minimal turnover and consistent follow-ups. The client was able to maintain service for end customers even as the expected surge of several hundred calls ended up being several thousand per day. Additionally, our team was able to reduce wait times for end customers while dealing with the increased volume.