A global integrated oil and gas company modernizes its data platform with Snowflake. 


Our client, the Lower 48 E&P division of a Global 10 oil and gas major had many challenges providing readily accessible connected data that is presented meaningfully. They faced many barriers such as siloed and unstructured data and could not integrate the collective data from sensors and other sources such as field equipment assets, rigs, wells, pipelines, terminals, and more. 

The customer determined there would be significant benefits and improvements in data-driven decision-making by breaking down these silos. The goal was to increase operational awareness of real-time digital field data, optimize oil and gas production, and improve uptime by preventing failures and extending the equipment life of assets. The client needed an experienced partner to recommend tailored options for unifying data across the enterprise so they could realize the full value of their data. 

Developed a single source of truth for analytics and enhanced unified, streamlined access to data 


The client engaged Apex for a Data Platform Modernization Assessment. Apex followed an iterative, value-driven approach to investigate strengths and weaknesses between Azure ADLS Gen 2, Azure Data Factory, and Snowflake Architecture. Data from OSIsoft PI Historian systems (static, casing, and tubing pressures) was standardized and curated to be seamlessly integrated with our client’s critical business applications. 

The engagement delivered the following functionality: 

  • Great performance when integrating all GWR sensor data with supplemental business applications.
  • An automated, metadata-driven approach to data integration to leverage the respective strengths of the platforms.
  • A best-practices-driven deployment of the Snowflake platform into Microsoft Azure to provide relevant, action-oriented insight.


Given the client’s business applications environment runs on Azure and houses their Data and Analytics ecosystem, Apex recommended a Snowflake unified cloud analytics platform on Azure. IoT data from AWS was integrated into Azure, then curated into Snowflake for analytics and reporting. Our solution enabled the client to store many different data sources on a lower-cost cloud resource while at the same time providing greater access to the data in a simpler, easier, and faster way.