A defense contractor specializing in technology services consolidates their platforms in the public cloud. 


Our client maintained legacy websites to support its operating divisions across multiple hosting providers. They wanted to consolidate these platforms into a cohesive centralized platform, deployed in the public cloud, that had high availability, proper security controls, quality support and would reduce overall costs.​


Our team created the architecture and deployed a full Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider solution. The AWS MSP consolidated their public-facing websites into a single platform consisting of both Linux and Microsoft technologies with a centralized management strategy. ​

We managed services and security to this environment for highly available infrastructure to support public websites. We created SLA monitoring to verify the performance of our solution.​

25% Cost Savings with 99.95% SLA Adherence


Our solution allowed the customer to focus on their core business and stakeholder missions rather than refocusing internal resources to address their infrastructure challenges. In addition, our solution resulting in 25% cost savings with 99.95% SLA adherence. 


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