A Fortune 100 energy client utilizes our infrastructure capabilities to upgrade their systems, meeting a tight deadline and minimizing cost.  


As part of their Digital Workplace initiative, our client needed a partner to assist with their Windows 10 and Office 365 Migration. The targeted timeframe for the migration was six months. The scope included migration of nearly 8,500 devices, the majority of which were in seven refineries rather than typical office settings. Furthermore, each refinery had a number of location-specific applications that needed to be considered during the migration 


After understanding the field locations, we created a resource demand plan with the client based on projected migration dates and deployed two separate teams: a Build Team (10 resources) for the corporate location and a Field Team (11 resources) for the various refineries. Once deployed, the teams completed the following project activities:  

  • Workstation builds, including creation of a standardized Win10 Image  
  • Device Imaging  
  • Gap identification, assessment and remediation  
  • Just-in-time training  

Our Field Team included local resources in each refinery location, supplemented by traveling members of our Build Team, as needed for rollout in order to limit costs. They worked with stakeholders in individual locations to complete:  

  • Application installation in Windows 10 environment 
  • Application testing for Windows 10 compatibility  
  • A remediation plan to IT leadership for non-compatible apps  
  • UAT testing and coordination  
  • Application documentation (install instructions for application packages)  
  • Application packaging testing  

8,500 Devices in six Months 


All migration activities, including training, were completed within a six month timeframe. Our demand plan provided that we had the right resources available to execute each phase of the migration without unnecessary billable time. In addition, our ability to deploy local resources was instrumental in reducing overall travel expenses. Our project management handled all travel coordination, performance management and oversight of execution of the project. Our client was pleased by the combination of project oversight and cost control delivered by our solution.