A U.S.-based Biotechnology firm utilizes Apex’s Surge solution to replace 60% of their workforce, resulting in improved workforce culture and reduced attrition.  


Our client was seeking a strong partnership to improve the oversight and quality of their vivarium workforce. They were struggling with attrition, which was nearly 60% annually. Their incumbent provider was unable to get resources certified, which resulted in the resources not having any path for career advancement. In addition, the lack of oversight and management resulted in minimal recognition for top performers, so the workers leaving the client were often the most talented. These factors created a negative culture within the vivarium department.  

Reduced Attrition by 50% 


We applied proven processes to create a workforce management solution that addressed the client’s challenges. We deployed a team of 65 resources; each carefully screened and onboarded using tailored Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). We deployed an onsite Engagement Delivery Coordinator that traveled between the two client vivarium facilities, and an Engagement Manager to provide oversight, communicate with our client, and report on our performance.  

The solution we provided delivered the following benefits to the client:  

  • Improved Retention 
  • Thorough performance management to recognize top performing employees and create improvement plans for underperformers 
  • Access to ALAT/LAT certifications, which could lead to better positions within the department, resulting in a viable career path for employees 
  • Better Work Culture 
  • Employee of the month program to publicly recognize high performers 
  • Monthly skill-specific lunch and learns to learn about relevant topics 
  • Monthly team building activities 
  • Stronger Client Accountability 
  • Monthly spend report showing expenditures and goals accomplished 
  • Creation of SOP’s onboarding, medical monitoring, incident management and safety awareness protocols 


The client has benefited from our on time, in scope and under budget management of the project’s first year. We have successfully improved the workforce culture and reduced attrition by 50%. Our solution met and exceeded all success criteria established by our SOW with the client.