A leading healthcare provider develops and launches a new product on an aggressive timeline using our Agile services.  


Our client, a leading healthcare solution provider, needed to develop and implement a new product service offering on an aggressive timeline. A substantial gap in resources and current workload required them to outsource the application development. The project required building a working manual prototype based on rapidly changing customer requirements be created within three months. Without the new product service being operational by the deadline, the client’s service offering would be delayed another full calendar year. Additionally, the project had C-Suite visibility and was part of performance based KPI’s for executives.  


With an understanding of the product, required features and overall scope, our engagement team of 13 software development consultants collaborated with our client to rapidly create the working application prototype. Once the prototype was defined, we partnered with client SMEs and Change Management personnel to retrofit the prototype to the client’s evolving technical architecture and business requirements. Additionally, we established an overall governance model and delivery plan that included the following: 

  • Created new ETL standards/solution that adhere to Azure framework  
  • Developed final product and began production before deadline to accommodate delivery milestone  
  • Implemented tools to monitor and audit all ETL transactions  
  • Bridged the gap between Agile framework used in development and the “big bang” approach required for production using Hybrid Agile/Waterfall methods  
  • Deployed Engagement Manager and Agile SMEs to establish deliverable quality standards and oversight  

Project Completed 25% Under Budget


Apex’s team developed and deployed the final product on time and the service offering was operational by our client’s hard deadline, avoiding them delaying launch for another full calendar year. Knowledge transfer was also completed by our client’s deadline. Additionally, the project was completed 25% under budget.