A Fortune 50 technology company leverages Apex's Project and Application Development capabilities to support VR headset launches.


Originally our client engaged Apex to perform maintenance and refactoring of legacy software code which was approaching its end-of-life (EOL) phase. The Apex development team completed those activities with such a high confidence level that the client teams gave Apex more feature-based development tasks, evolving and building new functionality into the codebase they were brought in to maintain. Client full-time employees were focused on net-new feature development and brought in Apex to clean up, support, and help sunset the codebase as it went EOL. Apex was then asked to support net new features and ultimately has been supporting enhancements to the software code for almost three years.​

Three VR Headset Launches Supported


Apex provided a team of five consultants, covering the required skillsets spanning the breadth of technology used in the client codebase for management support. This included a team leader from Apex’s internal practice (who was a React lead engineer) to manage the project. Initially, the team was tasked with bug fixing and maintenance of VR code which was going to be EOL. The Apex team was so successful in their support of the codebase the client also requested Apex support new feature development on the codebase; this resulted in the Apex team owning the codebase's maintenance and new features in perpetuity, along with the collaboration across internal cross-functional client teams.​


In two and a half years, the development team has closed more than 2,700 tasks, including nearly 100 launch-blocking tasks. They have been involved in four major evolutionary changes to the PCVR environment:​

  • Shifting to client account identities​

  • Sunsetting of legacy virtual home environment​

  • Splitting the desktop application into legacy and modern clients​

  • Rebranding the PC environment​

Additionally, they have supported three VR headset launches. After Apex’s involvement began, the PCVR environment saw a five-fold increase in monthly average users.​