A Fortune 50 automobile company develops a microservices-based solution to continue providing personalized user experiences globally using our Cloud capabilities.  


Our client, a Fortune 50 multinational automotive manufacturer, aggregated customer data in Salesforce to create personalized experiences for drivers of their vehicles. The Salesforce program stored and updated driver profile data, including in-car applications and vehicle personalization settings. When the Chinese government mandated data restrictions that Salesforce could not meet, including storing data on servers physically located in China, our client sought out a partner to help them create an alternative solution that would allow them to continue offering personalized user experiences to their customers in China.  


Our consultants partnered with our client’s team to build a microservices-based solution using Java and Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). The program integrated with our client’s vehicles in China, recreating the functionality of the existing Salesforce API and backend services, including data migration from Salesforce onto client servers physically located in China.  

Successful global rollout 


Our solution successfully integrated with our client’s vehicles in China. As a result, our client is now able to maintain the desired user experience and comply with Chinese government regulations. Because of our success with this client’s services in China, the client has rolled out the solution globally. 


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