A chemical manufacturing company uses Apex's Cybersecurity capabilities to revamp their cloud security program that aligns with strict regulatory frameworks.


Our client, a highly regulated organization, with global IT across US, Germany, Scotland, Japan, needed to revamp their cloud security program. Existing issues that needed to be addressed included:

  • Not being able to audit account access 
  • Audit trail
  • Preventing corporate data residing on personal devices
  • Encrypting data stored in approved cloud
  • Preventing regulated data from being stored in any cloud

Our client is also subject to NIST 800-171 and GDPR compliance requirements and will required to have CMMC alignmentstarting in 2020, so our solution had to meet all standards for each of those regulations.

Managed services for cloud security


We implemented a cloud access security broker and security analytics program. Our programs provided visibility into shadow IT/non-authorized cloud based resources, AWS usage and security configuration, and data loss prevention for AWS/Office 365 for their 15,000 users. Our team provides ongoing engineering, cyber threat analysis, and program management for their cloud security program. We also provided initial Implementation and managed services for program sustainment.


Our solution delivered a cybersecurity program that aligns with regulatory frameworks. On average, 1.5 billion events per week are ingested, evaluated and analyzed for Cybersecurity threats.


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