A leading health insurer employees more than 800 contact tracers to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in a major U.S. city. 


Our client, a leading health insurer, was approached by a major U.S. city for assistance creating COVID-19 contact tracing and case investigation capabilities. The effort was intended to help curb the spread of the novel coronavirus and help the city progress in reopening. We were chosen as a partner because of our Surge expertise and national delivery model, which allows us to rapidly scale to support expansive efforts.


To support the massive initiative, we established a centralized point of contact for our client who coordinated the delivery efforts of more than 100 recruiters across all four of our national delivery hubs. At least 40% of the consultants we sourced needed to be bilingual Spanish speakers. To meet this requirement, we established a thorough hiring process that included:

  • An initial screening with recruiters for skill and culture fit
  • A secondary, more detailed phone screen with a tenured team lead
  • For bilingual candidates, a final phone interview with one of five native Spanish speakers located in our Mexico Delivery Center

Delivered 500 consultants in first 11 days

Once consultants were identified, we executed all onboarding and ramp up processes internally. Because of the ongoing health crisis, consultants were shipped their equipment from the client and required to work remotely at home. Our teams maintained consistent touch points with every consultant during the onboarding period to ensure they were properly set up, operating and training successfully.


We were given 11 days to produce our first class of at least 250 consultants, and exceeded the requirement by delivering close to 500 by the deadline. At our peak, 114 recruiters were identifying around 100 qualified consultants per day. By using native Spanish speaking screeners, we were able to meet our client’s communication requirements more effectively than competitors using automated tests, and have had no attrition because of language barriers. In total, we supplied more than 800 contact tracing agents, allowing our client to rapidly scale their project and begin working toward containing COVID-19 more effectively.