Configuring a consolidated pre-login page for a multinational financial services company.


The client had two pre-login pages intended to market their workplace investment offerings and provide a login point for existing customers. The general look and feel had been in place since the early-to-mid 2000s and had built up a lot of domain authority in search engines. However, it was not mobile-friendly, nor was it well-positioned to capture robust analytics. The interface design was dated. Maintenance and replacement of content for campaigns was tedious. Furthermore, branded versions of the site for specific customers had to be maintained separately with limited support for maintainable customization.​

The client’s desire was to build a new experience that consolidated the various pre-login experiences into a single platform while preserving search engine ranking as much as possible. Robust analytics needed to be built in for each piece of content. Visual components had to be reusable and highly customizable. The creation and deletion of entire pages, or any content within a page, needed to be possible without further involvement from developers. Login rates needed to remain steady or, ideally, improve on both desktop and mobile. The site also needed to meet strict accessibility requirements.​

"This Apex squad has exceeded all expectations. With the pre-login project coming to a close, we want to keep this high-performing team together and believe we have found another large initiative we’d like to take on next."

- Client Chapter Area Leader​


Our initial engagement with the client centered on finalizing a tech stack that aligned with their enterprise architectural roadmap and technical requirements. We looked at existing libraries and services that could accelerate delivery. A rapid cadence for demonstrating and testing our deliverables was also worked out with product ownership on the Scrum model. Where it made sense, enterprise architecture was engaged for guidance or exceptions to streamline delivery. After identifying a Springboot service that could be modified to deliver content for all pre-login use cases, we began work on enhancing said service and delivering it to a production environment. We also selected an internal component library to expand and enhance for high reusability. The front-end solution was composed of web components and Angular 16 components. Work was executed using Scrum methodology; engineers worked very closely with the product owner and UX to prioritize visual components and rapidly demonstrate them. This allowed a core set of pages to be delivered early in the process, with subsequent components allowing for rapid expansion of the site as they were delivered. At all stages of the development process, support for analytics capture was considered, as well as supporting experimentation. Adobe Target was chosen to allow for A/B testing experiences. Adobe Analytics was used to capture click-and-view events at the component or button level and the pages themselves. This data was used to inform content and campaign decisions. We also developed a content management strategy for the customer’s existing CMS (Content Management System), SDL Tridion. Given the requirement that content be completely changeable without developer involvement in the future, we built a strategy that would allow for both analytics gathering and content customization by a small team of content creators following a simple playbook.​


The client has been able to launch multiple campaigns and reconfigure their pre-login experiences with no developer involvement. Other applications have also leveraged the content service we created, reducing the need to expand the technology footprint for their login experience. Login rates increased, particularly on mobile devices. ​