Establishing UX processes, standards, and best practices to modernize a wealth management firm’s digital organization 


Our client was experiencing a disconnect across all the tools for their Institutional Sales team. They were seeking to combine multiple tools effectively to increase the performance of the Institutional Sales team for both new and experienced users from prospect through the onboarding experience.​

Design System Facilitated  Consistent User Experience


To meet the demands of our client we delivered a digital business transformation which enabled sales systems, empowering data science, and establishing UX standards and best practices. We pursued a strategy of Data Science Empowerment. Cognitive engineering and UI development with data science can bring the UX to another plane by anticipating the user's needs. Data Science Empowerment focuses on combining the ideas of data science with the best practices in user experience design to deliver applications and tools that make employees more effective. We created tools that enable and empower key roles and personas through the sales process to execute the company’s strategies and leverage the digital transformation technology set. ​


We created UX standards for the digital organization to develop a consistent UX across all applications and platforms including mobile and non-UI platforms including:​

  • Visual Language Design: We designed a consistent visual language across all platforms to help provide for an improved unified experience​

  • UI Components: Our team designed and implemented a consistent set of UI components for development teams to use in building and updating applications​

  • UX Guidelines: We designed and encapsulated best practices for design and execution across client products​

  • UX Process Implementation: We provided a path for digital to embed user experience design processes across all teams to create empowering experiences for all tools and processes