A global health sciences corporation uses our digital services offering to develop a strategic marketing playbook.


Our client was in the early stages of formally developing a strategic marketing playbook that would enable the delivery of digital marketing content to persona-driven, segmented audiences. They were seeking a reputable partner with extensive experience who could help guide the organization through the process of strategically segmenting audiences and developing relevant content strategy. ​

Increased Lead Generation and Conversion Ratios


Our Digital Services team collaborated with client teams to develop integrated internal marketing capabilities. To help reach the desired end state, we organized and facilitated a Rapid Discovery Workshop. This four-hour workshop was led by our Director of Digital and Marketing Solutions and featured a guided ‘Sailboat Exercise’ where the team could brainstorm and provide feedback, as well as the development of a responsibility assignment (RACI) matrix for key deliverables. During this session and throughout the playbook build, our team worked closely with key stakeholders to explore strategic marketing capacity-building models, as well as potential lead generation approaches to augment existing internal creative resources. Key components of the strategic marketing playbook we delivered include: ​

  • Current State Baseline Assessment​

  • Future State Vision and Roadmap ​

  • Audience Segmentation and Persona Development​

  • Customer Journey Mapping​

  • Strategic Marketing KPIs and Validation Model​

  • Marketing Workflow Process and Methodology​

  • Strategic Content Recommendations​

  • Operational Best Practices​


We successfully facilitated the design, development, and implementation of our client's strategic marketing playbook. Our Digital Services team enabled the client with marketing capabilities aligned with their business objectives and key results, providing the foundation for their brand storytelling, targeted messaging, and content strategy. Additionally, our strategic marketing playbook helped mature the client's internal lead generation and conversion processes, as well as integrated marketing techniques to enable the growth of their marketing department within its targeted audience segments.