A large government integrator seeks Apex’s help to consolidate several data centers to next generation facilities in order to improve operation costs and easier access.  


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was in the process of consolidating 28 DHS agency datacenters into two next generation facilities. The purpose for this consolidation project was to reduce overall operation costs and provide easier access to information through multiple agencies. Our client required senior level security engineers, C&A engineers, project managers, systems administrators, information assurance engineers, and security analysts to support the new southeastern datacenter and assist with consolidation operations. Many of the hard-to-find skill sets required Entry on Duty (EOD) clearance within the remote location. Throughout Apex’s support of this project, Apex would receive several different task orders that would further refine our client’s needs and skillsets. 


Apex understood that finding unique IT professionals with specific clearance levels to relocate to a remote city in the southeast would not be an easy task. To meet this demand, Apex engaged specialized recruiters within our Government Services industry team. This team of skilled and government services-focused recruiters sourced, screened, and onboarded a team of IT professionals with the technical expertise necessary to help meet our client’s project structure which included Level 1 Equipment Support, Level 2 Engineering Support, and Level 3 Application Support. 

As the contract progressed our recruiting team was refined to meet the additional needs of the new task orders. In order to expand our talent pool, we engaged local universities and training centers to identify candidates with the appropriate qualifications, specifically graduates that focused on infrastructure skillsets versus web or application development.   

40 Technical Professionals Hired Within 90 Days 


In less than 90 days, we were able to assemble a team of 40 technical professionals who met geographic and security clearance requirements. Our ability to ramp up and utilize the full bandwidth of internal resources played an integral role in our ability to meet our client’s workforce requirements. During the contract, Apex was awarded multiple task orders within the consolidation project. Our recruiting team was able to meet the demands of the new skillsets and deliverables which included, but was not limited to:  

  • A Technical Project Manager to oversee the development of a new web-based system known as the Virtual Ombudsman System (VOS) that improves information management 
  • Implement a modernized architecture for the identification systems 
  • Migrate the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) mid-range systems to new data centers 
  • Build out SAN storage and network infrastructure, redeploy the ITE and DTE servers, and rebuild the Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco VoIP environment 
  • Migrate LAN A data storage services and equipment to both of the new data centers