A national public health agency ensures secure and reliable identification for its federal employees by augmenting its administrative team.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) required IT staff augmentation services to perform registrar and issuance functions at their Headquarters in Atlanta. This program is in support of the agency’s ongoing efforts to meet the requirements of Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD)-12 which provides standards for secure and reliable identification for all federal employees and contractors. In order to accommodate the requirements of this initiative, CDC established Personal Identify Verification (PIV) Credential requirements for all personnel and applicable contractors.  

Mitigated risk with 100% fill rate


Apex serves as prime contractor providing IT staff augmentation services to the Center of Disease Control (CDC).  Staff augmentation was required for three positions at CDC supporting HSPD-12 initiatives. Our team was identified and on-boarded within two weeks of contract award and is responsible for driving the process of enrolling, adjudicating, and issuing smartcards to 15,000 CDC employees for access to CDC campus facilities. The major challenge associated with this project, from a staff augmentation perspective, was the speed at which we had to identify, on-board and mobilize a highly-qualified team of technical professionals who would immediately begin coordinating the logistics of processing and issuing the new smartcards.


Apex boasts a 100% fill ratio to date with zero turnover of the initial team. The primary risks impacting successful delivery included logistical coordination and issuance of the smartcards within the dynamic environment of CDC. Apex was able to mitigate CDC’s risks through staffing an effective team from the start with the requisite interpersonal and IT skills to get the job done.