A global aerospace company deploys specialized consultants in a remote location.


Our client, the prime contractor for a government contract at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, had allocated workshare to various subcontractor partners. Apex only had two long-term seats set aside at program award, but due to other subcontractors not being able to identify, hire, and maintain their allocated seats, the client asked Apex for additional help.​

Fort Huachuca sits outside of Sierra Vista, a town of 45,000 with very little local IT talent and the closest city, Tucson, has a limited IT market as well. Tucson’s total IT market is around 13,000 professionals and most of those will be looking inside the city for work.​

"The support personnel (consultants) are really phenomenal."

- Client​


Apex recruiters are continuously searching for candidates and contacting them to assess their job qualifications. They build pipelines of candidates for different skill-sets and experience. If a candidate doesn’t fit the profile for an active position, the recruiter still adds the updated resume and notes current experience and skills so that the information is readily available for other positions. This process allows us to build pipelines of active candidates that can be quickly searched for other positions. Apex recruiters add, on average, 20,000 new candidate resumes to our database each week.​

Our team understood the labor categories that we were assigned to fill and why other subcontractors were falling short. The biggest barriers to success were a tough-to-fill market, a lack of local qualified talent in the skillsets needed, and rate requirements. Apex assisted with demand planning, talking with the client regularly to understand the timeline and their needs so we could adequately keep qualified resources in our pipeline and work to onboard and backfill timely. Apex also provided a monthly status report, a financial report, a candidate pipeline, and limitation of funds notices in compliance with the contract when we exceeded 75% of the funded amount.​


Apex has achieved growth for the client on the program. By being able to support quality consultants where other partners fell short, we also helped to avoid the risk of being understaffed. Apex helped to keep the project on budget by agreeing to a six-month conversation for over 70 of the consultants we hired. Our client reports excellent customer satisfaction ratings and we are the top subcontractor on the program. Apex has a close relationship with the client, achieving an Net Promoter Score of 9.2. Client managers place a great deal of trust in our work, with 100% responding that we provided qualified candidates for their programs.​