A top defense company modernizes their talent management methodologies to save the U.S. Air Force millions.  


Our client, a leading U.S. Defense Contractor, won a multi-year contract with the U.S. Air Force to update their software development and deployment methodologies and culture. There was a major disconnect between previous skill sets USAF employed and the requirements to modernize the software development strategy. DevOps, Cloud and true Agile were new to the Air Force, which created a large gap in available staff to support wholesale changes. The primary challenge was recruiting private sector talent to join a public sector mission, where traditional software tools and methods have been years behind Commercial practices  


Our team, integrated with client leadership, identified deficiencies and corresponding labor categories required to support the Air Force modernization plan. We implemented a multi-step candidate screening approach to vet candidates based not only on their technical skills, but also on their soft skills and willingness to work in a pair programming environment. Skill sets include: 

  • Software Engineers in a highly collaborative pair programming environment 
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers 
  • Site Reliability Engineers 
  • Data Scientists 
  • Data Engineers 
  • Product Managers 
  • Cyber SME’s

On a National scale, the Air Force is saving millions of dollars with new efficiencies


Since the inception of the program, our team provided essential relief to our client and theirs (USAF). We have been able to quickly recruit, hire and manage a staff of employees with skills the Department of Defense (DoD) has never required historically. The results of this effort are visible on a National scale, the Air Force is saving millions of dollars with new efficiencies leading other DoD customers to begin the adoption of similar transformations. The government sees that latest tools that are required to compete for top talent from the Private Sector, and we have delivered people quickly at a competitive cost.