A leading ecommerce platform expands their payment processing capabilities with a nearshore Agile development team.


Our client, a leading ecommerce platform, needed to accelerate its product roadmap to stay ahead of its competition. Their strategy involved expanding to provide different payment processing options and expanding deeper into international markets. The client required Agile development teams to integrate new partner payment processors into their platform. They engaged us because our technical expertise in payment processing integration, Agile, and our nearshore Mexico Delivery Center (MDC) would enable significant cost savings, allowing our client to accelerate payment integrations while keeping their core U.S.-based team focused on new product development. 


As part of an initial pilot program, our initial scrum team - a Scrum Master, Tech Lead and four Engineers of varying levels - traveled to the client’s U.S. office to gain a better understanding of their platform and technologies used. After two weeks of co-located training, our team successfully completed a test run of an integration project and began working remotely from Mexico. 

Integration of over 25 payment processors by 8 nearshore scrum teams

The team integrates each new payment processor our client partners with, including Chase Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay and WePay. In addition to new processors, our team is continually optimizing existing integrations by adding fraud detection and additional security with 3-D Secure (3DS). During our ongoing relationship, client teams have traveled from their U.S. offices to the MDC to visit and work alongside the MDC team. 



The client originally intended to evaluate the pilot after or six months, at which point leadership would review results and determine if the initiative should continue. Our team performed so well that our client chose to ramp up to nearly 30 engineers after four months of the pilot. To date, the team has integrated more than 25 new payment processors, allowing our client to expand their customer base and deepen their operations in international markets. 

Additionally, the team’s scope of work has expanded to included continuous optimization and added security. Our MDC team plays an integral role in our client’s operations, enlarging their customer base with every integration. Because of our success in this initiative, the client has expanded its partnership with us to three different lines of business with more than 50 total consultants across eight scrum teams.