An auto parts retail chain utilizes our Agile approach to enhance functionality and develop new features for their platform. 


Our client needed to upgrade the functionality of their ecommerce platform to improve sales. This platform was also used by their internal employees when making in-store sales. They needed a partner to develop user stories, write and test all code, and create all required documentation in three functional areas: 

  • Related Products: offering additional purchase suggestions based on prior selections. 
  • Product Packages: grouping purchase offerings into related groups so that the platform could suggest similar products once a customer had added a product to their ‘virtual shopping cart’ 
  • Front End Interface: enabling functionality and business rules that allowed associates to perform master/operational data management on the underlying product/service offerings 

Boosted Sales Revenue with an Enterprise Agile Adoption


After we collaborated with the client to understand business and technical requirements for new features and core capabilities, we provided a fit-for-purpose Scrum team including a Scrum master, business analyst, full-stack developers, database analyst and test/QA specialist. Once the team was assembled and deployed they executed the following project activities: 

  • Determined product backlog, developed and sized stories, conducted ceremonies and communicated status via Jira / Confluence / Swagger based on Agile best practices 
  • Consistently delivered code via consecutive two-week software development Sprints over a six month period 
  • Resolved backlog of technical issues and defects  
  • Fully tested and launched newly developed features, functions and enabling capabilities 


Features we developed were embraced by both the client and their customers in markets across the US, enhancing the end-user experience and helping to generate additional revenue. The success of our initial work and integration with their internal teams resulted in the client extending the engagement and greater adoption of Agile and scrum methods.