Overcoming communication and perception problems at a non-profit healthcare system with Organizational Change Management.


Our client sought to adopt a formal Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy to overcome the negative perceptions of past communication initiatives, which suffered from significant barriers to implementation and adoption. Tasked with piloting OCM practices, we aimed to empower the client’s team to manage these processes independently. The organization faced challenges due to its decentralized structure and high resistance to change, which prioritized hierarchy over business strategy. Additionally, prevailing perceptions often overshadowed objective realities, obstructing problem recognition. A lack of uniform methodology across teams led to inconsistent change implementation, causing confusion among stakeholders about organizational activities. The client’s history of acquisitions over the last decade further complicated the integration of new personnel, practices, and tools. Our sponsor leveraged this engagement to advocate for comprehensive OCM across the company, emphasizing the need to establish trust and positive rapport with stakeholders.​

"Extremely successful in a very challenging environment. A lot of our concerns were validated, and we want to keep this momentum going. Change starts with things like this."

- Client Sponsor​


Apex delivered specialized Organizational Change Management (OCM) expertise to confirm business preparedness through stakeholder engagement and a cultural assessment. Our strategies encompassed comprehensive change impact assessments, success metrics definition, and diligent progress tracking. In collaboration with the client, we crafted and implemented targeted communication strategies for coherent messaging. Our training programs, tailored to leadership development, focused on fostering engaging work environments and included ongoing learning, interactive workshop sessions, and clear metrics for adoption tracking. We meticulously evaluated organizational readiness and stakeholder needs to inform and bolster change management initiatives, ensuring meaningful engagement and alignment with key personnel. Furthermore, Apex crafted a strategic roadmap to guide the establishment of a dedicated Change Management Office, ensuring a structured and sustainable approach to support future organizational change. ​


Apex’s partnership with the client catalyzed the dismantling of hierarchical obstacles and introduced a structured approach to change management within their deployment strategy. Our proactive involvement identified and resolved communication issues, leading to a marked improvement in employee engagement. Notably, the adoption rate of the upgraded tool soared to 86% within the first week post-deployment, while the legacy tool’s usage declined significantly, paving the way for its eventual retirement. Recognizing our effective strategies, the client has entrusted Apex to lead the establishment of a Change Management Office and to provide change management support for two additional technology enhancements. ​