A science and engineering laboratory improves operational processes with our Agile coaching and transformation services.


Our client engaged us to provide Agile coaching and transformation guidance after losing their previous partner due to travel constraints. Initially, they requested only coaching to help mature their scrum teams, however, their self-assessment concluded that they were much further along in Agile maturity than they were. We discovered major foundational issues, lack of education, and management that was resistant to change. In addition to rebuilding their Agile foundation and providing training and coaching to their six scrum teams, the client also requested our help developing an enterprise Agile playbook. 

Team improved Scrum Team maturity by up to 27% and established an Agile transformation roadmap


We performed an in-depth assessment at all levels of the organization, producing a detailed gap analysis and recommendations to improve performance. Our Lead Enterprise Coach handled the intake process, transformation tiers, workflow, prioritization, and ranking at the portfolio and program levels; our Team Coaches addressed the transformation at the team or the execution level, providing coaching and training services. We delivered: 

  • Custom Agile training program covering fundamentals of Scrum and Kanban along with advanced concepts for Scrum Masters and Product Owners
  • Defined and documented Agile Playbook (team, program, and portfolio level)
  • Transformation Roadmap that outlined the journey our team was on, as well as the continuing journey the client would pursue over the subsequent year
  • Maturity model and team scorecard
  • Recommended ServiceNow standards for creating backlog items
  • Refreshed intake process and practices for leadership


Our comprehensive solution resulted in the development of more effective intake processes, workflows, and related Agile roles and responsibilities across all levels of the organization. Our team helped improve the maturity of their six scrum teams by as much as 27% in under six months when measured on a Scrum maturity assessment. We established best practices, reinforced Agile principles and value-based prioritization, and provided constant training across their frequently shifting scrum teams. Additionally, we delivered a go-forth strategy with a roadmap and enterprise playbook for use beyond our engagement.