A multinational financial services corporation modernizes its outdated brokerage systems.


Our client needed a partner to help them modernize their outdated managed accounts brokerage processes. They were built decades ago to support multiple products using legacy technologies, with redundant functionality across several technology and operational groups. The old platform was based on outdated Mainframe technology which limited their ability to provide planning at the household level. We were chosen to help our client update and improve the efficiency of their managed accounts processes because of our proven history providing successful digital and cloud services. 

Sunset mainframe and migrated 800K+ users to modern platform


Our team of digital consultants developed and implemented a modern money movement platform and migrated our client’s portfolio of more than 800,000 managed account products to the new system. The modern platform features highly customizable business roles and modern technologies, including cloud-native development and a microservices architecture for enterprise integration. To deliver on the build, our team identified all legacy modules and batch cycles impacted by the migration and managed the end-to-end testing, conversion playbooks, and account conversion execution. 


As a result of our solution, our client now has a modern, sustainable, highly customizable, and flexible brokerage platform. Our client can now offer goal-based planning at the household level and enable seamless transition to other managed account offerings as client goals and needs change. Additionally, the new platform is integrated with other programs across our client’s organization.