A large healthcare provider utilizes our customized approach to successfully integrate new staff resulting from a number of acquisitions.  


Our client, a large healthcare provider, needed a partner to address a significant increase in coding due to growth from a number of acquisitions. They were also challenged with a drop in productivity in their own resources attributed to ICD-10. They required a solution that could efficiently handle the surge workload while they trained their own existing and newly hired staff.  


We worked with the client to learn about their new acquisitions and future projects in order to create an engagement team tailored to their needs. We provided coders that were specialized in the critical areas including cardiology, urology, family practice, neurosurgery, and various others. Our coders were fully vetted and tested on their ICD-10 expertise and completed our proprietary ICD-10 boot camp prior to deployment so that productivity standards would be met for the client. All coders were audited regularly and closely managed so the client could be confident they were receiving top quality work during the transition period.  

Maintained productivity standards through quality coding


We were successful in bridging the gap and allowed the client to expand without falling behind or experiencing a negative impact related to their quality of coding. By supplying an engagement team that was properly skilled and trained while monitoring quality and performance, our client was able to take the time necessary to build their own teams without a drop off in production. The client has continued to utilize our team by shifting them to other areas of need.