Reducing risk and alleviating attrition with an incident response team for a multinational industrial conglomerate.


Our client was experiencing elevated attrition in their offshore Security Operations Center (SOC) due to difficulties caused by recent company divestitures. To meet their need for 24/7 response to security threats, they required a night shift, which also contributed to higher attrition. Onboarding time in the offshore location was very long, leading attrition to outpace onboarding. Our client wanted us to provide talent to offset turnover. Apex was chosen due to the existing great relationship with the client site leader, stakeholders, and our experience in the cybersecurity space.​

Reduced Risk with 24/7 Security Coverage


We provided three shifts of ten remote consultants to meet the client’s need. Incident responders (or event analysts) made up most of the consultants we brought in with additional help from an operational incident engineer. Our resources have KPIs that they must maintain, and we are providing performance management to ensure our resources are hitting those KPIs. This was a true managed engagement, with Apex conducting interviewing, onboarding, and performance monitoring for all our consultants. We helped the client minimize attrition by conducting bi-weekly performance management for the first three months and then monthly thereafter. In the event of attrition within our consultants, we were able to provide high-quality replacements with a quick turnaround.​


Because we were able to extend the client’s capabilities, our consultants have been able to close out more tickets than the client was able to process before. Our consultants kept the business running while client employees moved to our client’s spinoff companies. In the process, we were able to reduce risk to the client and maintain 24/7 security coverage. We are entering year three with this project and our team continues to perform above expectations, leading to additional extensions and team expansions. ​