A Fortune 500 global technology company develops a workforce management software and dashboard solution to train over a thousand employees, exceeding training content production targets.


Our client was unable to meet the training requirements for their mapping division with their current team size. They sought personnel management and consultants to reduce training costs and improve project efficiency. Additionally, they needed a partner who could facilitate multiple training courses covering several layers of the mapping organization. Prior to this project, Apex was supporting the client in a staff augmentation model, so we were well-established to increase our support.

Reduced attrition rate by 17.7% throughout the project 


Apex partnered with the client to develop a proprietary workforce management software and dashboard solution in an Agile framework to plan content update releases across sprints. Apex organized and launched a team to support global training operations across multiple client sites, initially structured with one Team Lead and seven Trainers, and eventually maturing to include Instructional Designers, Learning Management System Specialists, and Database Application Developers. Managed by an Apex Engagement Manager, this team facilitated training through a T3 (train-the-trainer) model. We also fostered cross-training opportunities and incentives so that the team would be suited to support teams across the client’s entire organization.


Our team was able to train over a thousand client employees over the course of the engagement. Through tenured project resources in the managed service, we were able to provide cost savings over the project lifespan that would have otherwise been higher due to training new tenured employees. Our training outcomes were well regarded, with our consultants ensuring new hires became proficient with client systems within 15 days. Additionally, 92.5% of new training content was published within 60 days of initial project assignment, which was 2.5% above the client target, and 95.4% of content production notification requests were finalized and published within 10 days of assignment, which was 5.4% above target SLA. Finally, Apex’s talent management methodology ensured we only had 7.3% quarterly attrition rate throughout project, which was a 17.7% reduction from the client’s previous staff augmentation model.