A Fortune 50 technology conglomerate realizes service improvements and drives efficiencies with workforce management solution.


Our client was seeking a single vendor to manage and optimize their on-site technical operations within their labs. They required a partner to ensure supplies of consumable materials and products were managed and optimized. Scientists and engineers were required to provide basic operations as well as supply basic materials. Apex was initially brought on to provide a small team of lab technicians, but the scope of the services quickly expanded as the client recognized Apex’s capabilities in the field. 

Improved service with 60 consultants across five states


Apex manages several services in the client’s laboratories including: 

  • Providing specialized lab support including troubleshooting, repairs, debugging, assembling, testing, and component sourcing.
  • Maintenance for gas cylinder services, electrical and mechanical tools, equipment (including electronic), circuit boards, prototypes, virtual reality hardware.
  • Maintaining on-site and off-site stock of all raw materials, consumables and materials currently on hand, keeping inventory, ordering new materials as needed, and preparing stock for ongoing projects as instructed by the client.
  • Performing regular quality checks and safety inspections on routine equipment such as eyewash, safety showers, and fume hoods. 
  • Managing lab tool emergencies, coordinating repairs with third party vendors, and existing facilities.
  • Developing and documenting processes and improvements for preventative maintenance, ensuring assets management systems are updated accordingly.


Apex found service improvements for the client in terms of operational, logistical, and financial efficiencies. Apex was also able to deploy a workforce to meet the operational needs of the client’s virtual reality labs, enabling client scientists and engineers more time to focus on experiments, research, and other business needs. Due to Apex’s success with managing lab personnel, the client has expanded Apex’s role to include over 60 consultants working in five states.