A Fortune 500 media company improves their application support with a cross-functional development team.


The client had an exclusive multi-year agreement with a Big 4 American professional sports league to broadcast live sporting events nationally for all league teams, delivering an innovative and enhanced viewing experience exclusively for diehard sports fans within their customer base. The client paid the professional sports league over $1 billion annually for the rights to broadcast live sporting events, providing customers with a valuable alternative to the traditional local market broadcasting by affiliates. Customers subscribed to the sports league product as an add-on to their regular TV package for an additional fee.  ​

As customer satisfaction translates to customer retention, the client’s investment in the stability, reliability, and uptime of the supporting technology and applications was a top priority. With the core applications to broadcast built and operationalized, the client needed ongoing support to ensure the applications were maintained to the standard required for live sporting events​.

Continuous Enhancements and Bug Remediation​


Apex deployed a team of consultants that had proven experience supporting live events and entertainment technology solutions and the associated on-demand, real-time, data-driven nature of live sports. They worked with the client technology teams in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), including program increment activities and artifacts, 2-week delivery sprints, and agile release trains. Identifying consultants with experience in the field of live broadcast was critical to our success. ​

The Apex team was responsible for maintaining, enhancing, testing, and validating the existing applications for security and accessibility enhancements, bug resolutions, testing support, and data and UI validations. The Apex team consisted of software testers and backend, frontend, and mobile developers who operated within cross-functional, blended teams that were directed by client managers. ​


The Apex team provided ongoing application enhancements and user experience validations that were essential to maintaining the reliability and uptime of crucial applications, ultimately mitigating real-time operational risks that sustained customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Apex Team was able to enhance and maintain continuity as the client continued to expand the platforms and channels (Chromecast, Fire TV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Kindle) to consume the live sporting events.​