A multinational financial services corporation implements a new cloud-native separately managed account (SMA) platform with AWS. 


Our client needed to optimize and consolidate its money movement functions across its different applications including Portfolio Cash Management, Point of Contact Redemption Processing, and Core Brokerage Processing. The money movement applications were built over different times, offering redundant capabilities, and they required modernization. 

The goal of the effort was to build a target state that is scalable, efficient, and simplifies the technology to provide a better experience for the Managed Accounts Team during its money movement transactions life cycle. 

Reduced processing time by 94% with one of the first separately managed account SMA platforms built on AWS


Apex Systems delivered a new cloud-native platform at a target system for money movement for our client’s entire enterprise. We optimized and consolidated all money movement functions on the new cloud-native platform. The new platform is one of the first to be built using AWS cloud technologies. It allows our client to manage scale, eliminate technology debt incurred, and eliminate dependency on a legacy mainframe-based core brokerage system. 


The modern money movement platform simplified business processes and increased straight-through processing. Systematic Withdrawal Plan transactions were migrated to full production. One-Time Withdrawal and Fees Processing transactions are also managed on the new platform. Quarterly Fee Processing time was reduced by 94% from 36 hours to two hours. Eventually, all money movement for brokerage and separately managed accounts will be processed on this platform. Our client is benefiting from savings in mainframe processing as well as an improved experience for brokerage and managed account business groups.