Helping a top tier aerospace contractor access talent at a competitive rate.


Our client needed Apex's help in accessing niche aerospace talent. They needed our help to acquire and retain consultants due to the flexible nature of our payment structure. The client was also contractually bound to pay by experience, however, since Apex was not, we were able to offer a competitive market rate. They also chose to partner with Apex to gain access to our large talent pool and our fast-paced turnaround to meet end customer needs.​

"Since joining the team, [consultant] has been a consummate professional. He has embraced the team around him, communicates status on a regular basis, elevates any blockers, and strives to improve and learn more about our complex system every day. He has consistently been amongst our most efficient engineers on the team." 

- Client Systems Engineering Manager​


Our approach was to target new talent that came from a defense background at all levels of experience. We targeted candidates local to the various Navy installations to minimize relocation costs. We also standardized the way we track charge codes for the client for funding purposes and reported them on a weekly/monthly basis. We were able to quickly and efficiently identify consultants to build up their team to 50 full-time consultants. This team was able to aid the client in developing and delivering essential software products to the Navy. ​


Our consultant support on 15 programs at varying levels allowed our client to reach valuable deadlines held by their end customer, the Navy, which has allowed them to remain a top contractor and be awarded further work through 2029. Our success in this program partnership led to more than 15 additional program partnerships and a 43% increase in funding because of the quality of work our consultants delivered and relationships created with clients and Apex team. ​Our team executed successful consultant travel and support at the below locations:​

  • Naval Base, Kitsap, WA​

  • Naval Base, San Diego, CA​

  • Pacific Missile Range Facility, Barking Sands, HI​

  • Clear Air Force Station, Anderson, AK​

  • Ingalls Shipyard, Pascagoula, MS​

  • Advanced Research Center, Huntsville, AL​

  • Mayport Naval Stations, Jacksonville, FL​

  • ​Naval Station, Norfolk, VA​

  • Surface Combat Systems Center, Wallops Island, VA​

  • Various ship rides on naval ships, such as a DDG-125 destroyer ship, to and from locations such as Honolulu, HI, Pearl River, HI, and San Diego, CA​