A Fortune 500 Transportation company utilizes Apex’s Agile services to build an onshore development center with a quick timeframe and tight budget.  


Our client’s objective was to build domestic onshore development center using Agile techniques. This center would support multiple new and ongoing Java and C++ software development projects. As an alternative, moving this center offshore was considered as an option. However, using both on and offshore services to accommodate the Agile framework requirement would add a layer of unnecessary complexity to the program. Additionally, to be effective, the center would have to operate with high velocity and maximum efficiency and use real-time communication feedback loops between the teams. Specific goals of the program included: 

  • Access to the right technical talent at the right time leveraging an on-demand managed workforce 
  • Robust risk management 
  • Existence of a fully equipped and offsite facility 
  • Cost savings relative to other onshore options 
  • Rapid startup 

Launched Development Center in Six Weeks with 60 Agile Developers


We provided an onshore offsite development center facility for 60 resources. As part of our customized solution, we provided robust demand planning and resource management, enabling deployment of the right resources at the right time. Once deployed, these teams leveraged customized components such as boot camp training, daily on-site engagement management resources, and our world class project risk management process. Work performed is closely integrated with our client’s Agile Scrum Development approaches. We also provided team performance management and ongoing reporting. 



Our team readied a fully secure and operational site with access to our client’s systems within four weeks. In parallel, three independent waves of Scrum teams were rapidly deployed in succession in less than ten weeks. We also met cost savings objectives through the onshore development process with highly competitive rates averaging under $100 per hour for highly specialized Agile development work. In addition, we provided velocity to productivity techniques enabled through our Bootcamp training.